Most Creative Google Plus Page Header Graphic Image

The most beautiful and most creative graphical header image I have come across in any Google G+ Page header is in the Google Sri Lanka G+ page.  Here is a screen shot of that cool artwork at the top of Google Sri Lanka G+ page.

google plus header

This creative header is going to be changed soon. In a recent G+ post Google Sri Lanka has  requested to send in artwork like this for the Google Sri Lanka plus page header.

Creating such a artwork for Google Plus pages is not easy. I know it, because I’ve tried it. Its very tricky. When creating something like this you need to create one for your G+ profile which includes your logo and also have elements in it that goes with the long G+ header banner.

If you need something like this created for your G+ page drop us a message using our contact us form.

Also, I’d like to know what is the best header banner you have seen in any Google plus page? If you can share the link to it in the comments section below.

Written by: Aksam Zarook
Aksam Zarook is a web designer, developer, online marketer and founder of Zeeron Solutions. With nearly 11 years of work and business experience he excels in web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing. He is also a family man with two adorable little kids and rides a motorbike.

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