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School website design is where we began, that’s why we are more profoundly known as a professional web design company. Zeeron has now grown and so have the services and solutions weschool website design offer.

Our team is now made up of web developers, web designers, graphic designers and copywriters. All members of our team are well-versed in catering to the education sector. Let us elaborate on the school website design and other services available to schools at Zeeron.

School Website Design

Are you still deciding if a school website is a good idea? Whether Zeeron is the right solution? Zeeron is ready to help you. We are ready to come and visit you, listen to you and share your passion. Our team of designers will advice you on how well the website can be built and the maximum value can be achieved.

school website designWe believe that every school website design project is SPECIAL. The design we create for you will thus be EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE to your school. Our designers will work with you to create a school website design that you are not only happy with but are PROUD OF.

That’s not all we create our websites using a content management system (CMS). This means that once the website is developed and you undergo our FREE TRAINING, you will be now be able to manage, edit and update your school website on YOUR OWN!

All our website designs are search engine optimized – available on major search engines like Google, yahoo etc. By choosing our school website design solution you get FREE DOMAIN REGISTRATION for 1 year and FREE WEB HOSTING for 1 year.

Call us now on +94773404942 or contact us now let us know what you need! Check out our designs and BE IMPRESSED!

Print Designs / Graphic Designs

Stand Out from the crowd with unique designs. Just like any other business institution a school needs to develop it’s own corporate identity.

We offer a complete branding service which makes you UNIQUE. We start off with analyzing your needs and identifying your current situation.

Our team of experts will then tell you how best to develop your brand. Whether its designing a school prospectus, logo or a complete brand / identity creation.

We provide many different services that help BUILD YOUR SCHOOL BRAND. Listed below are the small business website developmentsolutions provided at Zeeron:

  • Logo Design
  • Prospectus design
  • Brochure design
  • Annual Plan and events calendar
  • School Magazine
  • Leaflets

If you are looking for professionals at affordable prices to give you the BEST then certainly Zeeron is the RIGHT CHOICE. Whether its the school website design or any other brand solution we guarantee you SATISFACTION! Call us on +94773404942 or Contact us via our website and step into a world of expertise and satisfaction!

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