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business website seoWe did some updates and tweaks yesterday to improve our SEO rankings of our website’s home for a competitive search keyword. So today, I thought, I’ll write and share with you the things we did and continue doing to improve the SEO for our small business website – www.ZeeronSolutions.com. The story I share here is a live example of applying freely available SEO tips on the Internet coupled with our web design skills and SEO experiences to achieve SEO rankings in Google and other search engines. I hope it will benefit other small business website owners. So hear is our small business website SEO success story.

Our success from SEO is modest and still evolving. You can see how successful our SEO efforts have been from the screenshot of visitor statistics to this website.

You can see in the below graph why I’m a great believer of SEO for small business websites. We get a lot of inquiries and clients for web design business through the continuous SEO efforts we put into this website. We opened our small business, Zeeron Solutions and launched this website in 2012. I don’t have to tell you being in the web design industry the competition for our business related SEO keywords is very high. When we launched our website there were already established websites which were highly optimized and difficult to beat. But our SEO efforts started paying off within about a year. And we are now ranking in Google and other search engines for some competitive keyword searches in our highly competitive web design business sector in our local market Sri Lanka.

website seo results

The SEO efforts for this website is currently focused mainly on local SEO. We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka so we target our Sri Lanka and web design related SEO keywords and search. Yet some of the pages here have managed to get us ranked for related keyword terms in other countries too. That way we have got some clients through our SEO efforts from countries such as Australia,  France, New Zealand, Bangladesh, among others.

If you look at the above graph I shared, I would say about 80% of current website visitors came to this website due to our SEO rankings in Google. If you study above visitor statistics you will notice we have not had much SEO improvement in 2014. It shows an improvement over 2013 but rather flat. I think its because we didn’t do much improvements or changes during 2014 to the Zeeron website. Being rather busy working on our web design client projects and other online revenue projects we didn’t do any changes to the Website design or content last year.

But notice, website visitors numbers starts to pick up around January, February 2015. I believe this is because around November 2014, we did a complete redesign of our website to make it more modern looking, SEO friendly and fully responsive. We made this new fully responsive, custom designed WordPress theme we have on currently as I write this blog post. (Screenshot of this Nov 2014 new website design below).

small business website

Around December 2014, I also started updating our Zeeron Solutions blog at regular intervals with SEO optimized articles and Keyword focused blog post as well as news about what we our doing, problems we face and solutions we find to issues in website projects we work on etc. These SEO optimized articles and blog post take some time to rank and bring in traffic. Not all articles and SEO content rank well either. I’d say out of every 10 or so, new blog posts and articles we publish on Zeeron about 2 or 3 rank well and bring in traffic. Sometimes articles start to rank and then we notice it brings in people from some other keyword we couldn’t have even thought of. Then we pickup that keyword, do research, add our thoughts and similar experiences and publish a new blog post for that new keyword.

We fair well with this SEO strategy and methods. However there is lot of room for improvement. Our main focus in SEO for Zeeron Solutions website is ranking for high search volume keywords related to “web design” industry in “Sri Lanka”. This is one of the toughest SEO markets to penetrate and currently I think there are hundreds of web firms and individual web designers with websites in Sri Lanka all doing their best to rank for the Sri Lanka related web design keywords we target.

Yet, we have managed to rank our articles and blog posts targeting this niche market and bring in inquiries and clients. For example in Google local search our, Logo Design Sri Lanka article page ranks in the top 4 spots for “logo design Sri Lanka”. Also the beautiful, creative image we designed for it and added onto the page ranks first or sometimes second in Google image search for the keyword. We get quite a few inquiries from that ranking alone each month.

On the other-hand some other articles see ups and downs in SEO ranking. Our web design Colombo article used to rank at the top for that keyword last year and early this year. But now it has gone to the bottom of the first search result page or even to the second page. About a month ago I wrote two articles targeting the keyword WordPress Sri Lanka. One of them was in the first page when I published it. But now it has gone on to the second page. It and the other blog post about WordPress Sri Lanka now ranks around 13th & 14th result for their keyword. Mentioning them here and linking to them with the keyword might help their ranking to go up.

Our main target SEO keyword is “web design Sri Lanka”. This is the most popular term used by Sri Lankans on the Internet to find a web designer. Hundreds of Sri Lankan web designers are trying to rank for this keyword. They know if they rank even in the bottom of the first page they will get dozens of web design inquiries and can easily secure a web design client or two a week out of those inquiries. In short I believe if a firm ranks for that term their web design firm will be a success.

From the time we launched this website that keyword has been our main goal in SEO. We need the strongest page on our website to rank for that term. So we have optimized our home page for the keyword, web design Sri Lanka. We established Zeeron Solutions and launched this website in 2012. A month after launching, the our home page was fluctuating and ranking around 50 to 80 in the search results for that keyword. In 2013 it was around 40s, and by the time we were doing the website redesign in end of 2014 it was around 30 to 33 positions in the search results. First month or two after the website redesign it went down to 40s. We were concerned but knew it happens to website sometimes after a major change. But by the start 2015 ranking was improving and we started ranking around early 20s position. I check the ranking for this keyword regularly, sometimes we rank around 18, 19 position. Sometimes 25-30 positions. It fluctuates. It was in this backdrop that we did the SEO improvements and content changes to our home page yesterday. Still the changes we did our not over. We are still tweaking. Will see how these new changes improve our ranking. I’ll try to write a blog post soon about them and maybe we I can blog and report about how it affected our ranking in future.

When we launched website we wrote some SEO optimized articles targeting broad generic terms like this article -, Small business web design etc. That article used to rank about 150 position and last I check it ranked about 70 or 80 position. Now, I don’t think writing articles for those kind of keyword terms was a good idea. These are international targeted by thousands of web design companies worldwide. We would have been better off writing articles local search terms like “small business web design sri lanka” or even small business web design Australia etc. With a small, new website go for the longer and more specific local keywords. That will yield more success.

I think from my explanation above you got an idea about our SEO strategy so far for Zeeron. I hope it might help you to improve your small business website SEO as well. I would like to hear from you about your SEO efforts, tips and experiences. I’d also like to hear any suggestions, thoughts, questions and ideas you have to improve our website or SEO in general. Thank you!

Written by: Aksam Zarook
Aksam Zarook is a web designer, developer, online marketer and founder of Zeeron Solutions. With nearly 11 years of work and business experience he excels in web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing. He is also a family man with two adorable little kids and rides a motorbike.

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  1. Hello Aksam, great reading, by the way if you looking for rank for the keyword web design sri lanka you can easily do it , because still sri lankan web design, seo industry have less compitions, am also seo guy with more than 7 years experience in seo industry in srilanka, i have personal experience regarding web design industry, lets have a try i think you can do it easily,

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the comment. Sure, I like it very much to improve this website’s SEO ranking for that keyword. I’d greatly appreciate any help or tips you can give me.

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