Importance of Social Media in Business: Make or Break Strategy?

Importance of social mediaA common question that arises for businesses when they initially launching a website is: Is social media really important? Won’t just updating our website be enough to rank on Google and other search engines? Can’t we isolate ourselves from the rest of the internet world and still get business?

Well these were a few questions asked by our recent client. They wanted to rank on Google in the first page but wanted us to do it for them without using social media, link building etc. The answer we gave them- that’s just IMPOSSIBLE.

Below is the reply we gave them in the form of an article to help those of us who don’t know about the importance of social interaction for a business.

Comments and their importance

commentsThe first request from our client was to completely disable the comment facility in their blog and Facebook pages. Here is our reply:

When building a professional website the comment facility is removed for standard pages like About Us, Contact Us, Branch detail pages etc. The comment facility is enabled for the individual new pages that is added to the events and blog sections.

Having this comment facility for these kind of pages encourages feedback and gives a way for social interaction of website readers with the business.  Also, today Google and other search engines consider commenting and social media integration in websites when ranking them. An engaging website has better chances of being ranked in comparison to an isolated website.

Unnecessary comments in the blog  can be  moderated before they are published.

When it comes to Facebook and social comments, it CANNOT be moderated before its published. The only alternative is to  remove all inappropriate comments and block the people who comment inappropriately.

Social Media

social mediaThe next request by the client was to completely isolate their website from social media.

Social media plays a major role in building the customer base and driving new people to the website. If we are going to isolate ourselves from Social media we will fall way behind our competitors.

By publishing the link to  blog posts in our social media pages, depending on the likes we have and relevancy of the article people will be prompted to visited the blog making it much more POPULAR.

Pictures and Interactive content

interactive contentThe third request by our client was to STOP posting images of events on the social media and blog pages.

We have created YouTube videos for our client and also published many pictures. So here is what we had to say:

Photos stand as proof that an event took place and it is important to prospective customers. Prospective customers of today need to visually see how things take place in the company, how the surroundings are etc. Specially for long term businesses.

How interesting is it going to be reading pages and pages of text when today technology has surpassed 3D? You really think JUST boring text is going to drive people to your website? – No Chance!

Links To and From the Website

The final request of our client was to remove all links to social media pages from the website because the deemed it NOT professional. To stop any other website linking to out website since ISOLATION was their key.

link buildingAlmost all of the professionally well designed websites of today have links to their social media pages from the website home page and other blog posts.

Getting links from other websites is a major determinant of the ranking of a website on Google. If you are not going to utilize the link building strategy then you might as well forget about achieving the SEO targets. Google ranks a website based on the unique links it has!

Finally what we would like to say to all people wanting to build websites out there is that just like in the real world, in the internet world too Interaction and interconnection are key players! Taking the positives of it and using it to our advantage is the skill of an internet marketer!

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