How To Do SEO Keyword Research for Blogs And Get Quick Results

keyword research blogsI’ve being building websites and involved in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for them since 2006. My primary focus has always been blogging and web designing but SEO has been an integral part of most work I did over the last 10 years. I have got web design customers because of the SEO optimizing work I did on this website and others. I’ve also got tons of traffic to my blogs and websites and earned from them by monetizing my website. All these I did by following mostly freely available, small, basic SEO tips and tricks. This SEO starts with good keyword research and selection. So, in this blog post I’d like to share with some general rules I follow on how to do SEO keyword research for blogs and get quick results.

Rule No 1: Tools for Keyword Research

I mostly use the Keyword Planner Tool with Google Adwords to find good, easy to rank keywords. It also allows me to checkout the number of people searching them, how many people search that term with a period or geographic area etc. But lately I’ve also started picking up keywords from Google Search Console. When one of my blog post starts ranking for a keyword I didn’t target, you can see it in Google Search Console. Then I put that keyword into Adwords keyword tool and find out more. I also get ideas for keywords from other blogs and websites. For example, if my blog is on “weight loss for young men” I go to similar website and checkout what keyword they rank in google etc. You can get ideas by seeing most popular or most commented pages on their website, what keyword they use most on their home page and important other pages. You can also use external tools like to find keywords.

Rule 2: Start By Targeting Long Tail Keywords.

Also called as the Low Hanging Fruit because they are easiest to rank. Long tail keywords are search terms people use with 3, 4 or even more phrases or words in it. Example, “wordpress web design Sri Lanka” is a long tail keyword. Its much easier to publish and rank high a blog post for this search term than if you target a shorter, much more searched term like “web design” or even “wordpress web design”. The number of websites and search results targeting this term is much less. Sometimes there will be very low competition and your blog post might start ranking at the top of Google within days.

Rule 3: Target Low Competition Keywords

By experience I’ve seen long tailed search keywords with under 10,000 QSR (Quoated Search Results) is easy to rank.  (QSR is the number of search result that appear on Google when you put your keyword in Quotes and search). I try to target them with most of my blog post and have seen good results. My blog post haven’t always ranked at the top or most times not even the first page, still I’ve got decent traffic from all the different blog posts accumulated together and made decent money, monetizing that traffic. For affiliate marketing blogs which write product reviews etc. they say to target 300 QSR. Targeting these types of phrases is an excellent way for new blog owners to start out because it gives them the best chance possible to start ranking quickly.

Rule 4: At least 50 Monthly Searches

Try to target keywords that have decent traffic. The more the merrier but finding them is harder with the above criteria. But have a low threshold of at least 50 monthly searches for the keywords you target.

Rule 5: Make Sure the Keyword Makes Sense.

When you do keyword research you’ll find all kinds of keywords. But be wise. Try saying it in a sentence and ask yourself if it sounds right. If not then don’t use it. Keyword tools will show broken keyword phrases for example like, “seo keyword research blogs” rather than “seo keyword research for blogs”. Always use the correct version.


These are some general rules I learned from my SEO teachers and from my experience of doing SEO keyword research for my blogs and websites and also for customer websites. I’ve seen them work for my SEO teachers and I’ve implemented and got results in my blogs and websites including here on Zeeron Solutions. ( Checkout our small business SEO success story blog post a very big details account about successes I’ve had here on Zeeron Solutions with SEO) So take these general SEO keyword research rules I’ve shared and get started on your SEO now. Don’t delay waiting for the perfect keywords or till you learn everything about SEO. Start with this, do some keyword research and write and put out some blog post within the next few days. You may try and sometimes fail the first few times but if you delay and procrastinate you have already failed.

As always, comments are open and I will be here to answer your questions, suggestions or just to say hi on this blog. Let me know how it goes. Thanks

Written by: Aksam Zarook
Aksam Zarook is a web designer, developer, online marketer and founder of Zeeron Solutions. With nearly 11 years of work and business experience he excels in web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing. He is also a family man with two adorable little kids and rides a motorbike.

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