How I Ask Customers For Google Reviews For My business

customers google reviews If you are a big business or have a famous brand catering to thousands of customers its easy to get at least a couple of Google reviews naturally for your business. But for many offline and small businesses its unlikely you’ll get many or even any Google reviews for your business without asking. It’s true for small services like my business as well which caters to a limited number of clients per year and most clients are not technically savvy. It seems Google understands this and they seem to be ok to ask customers for Google reviews.

However while you we are talking about how to get Google reviews its important to remember to not go overboard. While it’s ok to ask for Google reviews for your business, don’t solicit them in return for something. That is wrong and Google is smart enough to detect fake reviews. For more on this see Google on Reviews: Asking for them is OK, Soliciting them is BAD.

So I thought you would like to know how to ask customers for Google reviews for your business. To make it easy for you I would like to share the email template I currently use to ask my customers for Google reviews for my web design and web development services business. I’ve got several Google reviews for my business by emailing and asking my clients for Google reviews after I’ve done business with them.

Email Template To Ask A Customer for A Review

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [Customer Name],
It was a pleasure working on your project!

Would you mind taking a moment to leave a short and honest review about my work on my Google Business page?

Leave your review here –

(This works best if you’re logged into your Gmail/Google account)

Note – Sometimes it can be a little difficult to leave reviews. So;
If you are on a desktop/laptop, you need to “Rate” the service to enable the “publish” button.
If you’re on an iPhone, scroll down, click the blue circle, then scroll down to the review section.

I appreciate your support very much.

Thanks & Best regards,

Aksam Zarook (IADCS U.K.)
Proprietor & Senior Web Developer
Zeeron Solutions – Web Design & Development
Office: 13/1, Hudson Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94-(0)77-3404942
Skype: zeeronsolutions


This email template is based on one shared by Travis Pflanz. (I modified his template and added little more instructions to it when I heard from a client of mine that the publish button on the Google Review form was not working. To see, he couldn’t leave his review because he had only typed the review and tried to submit without “Rating” it! You can get issues like this when you ask customers for Google reviews. Also not every client you ask will leave a review. )

The email subject/title depends on the customer. You can put something like, “Please leave a Google review about my work?” or something like that. If you had a series of emails between you two, you just add the Google review request email as a reply at the end of your business transaction or service.

I normally mention the importance of Google review to my web design clients while I’m doing their project. Then soon after I complete their work I ask them during a phone/Skype chat to leave a review. I follow it up by sending the above email.

In the email template you will notice the link to leave a Google review. When you click that link (i.e. and you are logged into your Google a new page will open with a Google review form to leave a review for my business, i.e Zeeron Solutions. For your business you have to create a link like that for your business Google review form. Creating this link is a little bit tricky and Google is frequently making changes to the Google review system. For instructions, see Travis’s article, Giving customers a direct link to the review form.

google reviews businessIt can be bad if you try to get many reviews at once. I know how the temptation is to call up and ask all your past customers to leave Google reviews. It better for your business to get reviews gradually, as you go. I’ve worked with so many clients over since I founded Zeeron Solutions in 2012 and got it listed in Google locations and maps. However I didn’t immediately start asking for reviews. I only got active in asking customers for Google reviews for my business early this year.

I got my first review for my business in March 2015 from the secretary of the Bangladesh embassy in Sri Lanka soon after the website redesign I did for them. Then, a month or so later designed and developed the VoltCore IT website as a outsourced projects for a client in Australia. I asked them and they left the second Google review for my business. All in all, for the last 10 months since I started getting Google business reviews, I’ve got only 6 reviews. For more on this, I recommend reading Getting Reviews the Right Way for Local Businesses. Its a good guide on how to get more Google reviews too.

I hope this blog post helps you. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, tips, templates and questions in the comments below. I’d like to hear what you think and provide any help I can.


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Written by: Aksam Zarook
Aksam Zarook is a web designer, developer, online marketer and founder of Zeeron Solutions. With nearly 11 years of work and business experience he excels in web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing. He is also a family man with two adorable little kids and rides a motorbike.

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