Download New Google Plus Page Cover Photo Template

The recommended Google Plus page cover photo size is 1080 x 608 pixels.

However there are some invisible areas you need to watch out while designing your google plus cover photo. So we made this template with marking about those invisible areas of Google+ cover photo.

googleplus cover template

Here are two download links for the new Google plus page cover photo template. You can download it as a Photoshop editable PSD file and as a .png image file.

Thanks for sharing! Click these links to Download the new template for Google plus cover photo.

How To Create A New Google+ Page cover photo Using Our Template

Follow the 4 steps given below:

  1. Download our Google+ Plus Cover Template file
  2. Open our Template file using a PSD editing software (e.g. Photoshop/Gimp etc.)
  3. Insert your image and/or wordings over our Template.
  4. Save it as a PNG (.png) file

Note: You can save it as a JPEG. But Google applies some heavy compression when you upload your cover photos as JPEG photo files which can make text in your images blurry or colors less vibrant.

This is how our Google Plus cover photo designed to this recommended size looks like on our Google Plus business page when viewed from a laptop.

google plus page

Other Google Page Cover Photo Sizes

The recommended size is 1080 x 608 because it is the largest size your Google+ page’s cover photo will display at, even in the biggest desktop computer screens. In smaller tablet and mobile screens it will scale down without distortion. However you can upload a new photo or banner graphic image to any of the below sizes and find them fit perfectly.

  • Recommended size: 1080 x 608
  • Maximum size: 2120 x 1192
  • Minimum size: 480 x 270

About Future Size Changes

The cover photo sizes of different social media accounts keep changing very often. It is a challenge to keep your pages up-to-date with all these cover size changes. That’s why we have this page for you. Even this Google+ page’s cover photo size might change again. We will try to keep this page updated with the new sizes as and when they change. So you might want to bookmark this page.

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